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Join our safest online payment system and made fast your online orders or sales,use to your website our encrypted payment button.

Welcome to ZIVAPAY

Send and Receive Money Online Safe and Fast

Make instantly Safe Transactions on Your Website

Create a free account,get your payment button and put it to your website in order to accept online payment via depid cards,paypal and ten's of more payment methods.No limitations

Instant Payment Notifications

You are notified instantly via e-mail when someone sends funds to your account. We accept all online businesses.

Variety of Funding Options

We offers a variety of funding options, such as by credit card, E-check, and U.S. mail We also offer you a debit card you can sign up for to get next day deposits.

Sell Online

We are a reliable payment processor and will not "freeze" or "suspend" your account for any reason other than fraud or spam! Check your email after sign up for Your Authorize.net information, and a link to how to videos to set up your account if you need more help. Or call or email us at any time. We are the best paypal alternative

Our Features

ZIVAPAY is ready to accept any amound,for online money transfers,online payments,subscriptions and donations in over than 80 countries.

Safer Transactions

ZIVAPAY use SSL in all over the site,we scan every seccont for scammers.

Resolution Center

If the seller doesn't send the selling item then the buyer can open dispute .

Low Transactions Fee

ZIVAPAY have the lowest transactions fee for sellers and buyers.


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